Saturday, March 26, 2016

Sunday Stealing-Easter Meme

Five Things I have A Passion For: God, My family, My fur baby, Music, Dancing.Five Things I'd like to Learn Before I Die: How to make candles, How to crochet, How to make scented oils, How it feels to swim with a dolphin, How to be a better swimmer.

Five Things I say A Lot: Dang it, Whatever, Forget about it, Never mind, Pleaseeeeee

Five Books and/or magazines I have Read Lately: Bible My planner, My journals, Diabetes Forecast, Stroke Monthly.

Five Favorite Movies:  Murphy's Romance, Ghost, Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman, Fireproof.

Five Places I would like to Travel To: Hawaii, Italy, Ireland, Switzerland, Alaska


  1. Great blog---I like your honesty and I thank you for your visit!


  2. I have not seen Fireproof but I like the rest of the movies you listed. I too would like to see Ireland and Hawaii. I am new here and am now going to look around a bit.

  3. You fur baby is totally adorable!

  4. We have very similar answers...and if I had thought of them, we'd have a few more in common because I agree with your choices.

    Have a happy Easter!

  5. Thanks for stopping by Blue Country Magic. I'm a big journal writer, too - but I don't often go back and read them. Perhaps something I need to remedy. Nice blog.

  6. Murphy's Romance--wow, what a great choice!

  7. What an adorable fur baby! Wolfie sends a play stance!
    Happy Easter to you and your family!
    Welcome to Sunday Stealing, too, and thank you for visiting my blog. We share a passion for God, though I'm one of the quiet Quakers. Hugs!

  8. I am fortunate to have been to all of those places, but Switzerland, which I would love to visit sometime.

  9. A lot of us seem to be saying "whatever" a lot! :D