Thursday, March 24, 2016

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Has spring sprung in your little corner of the world? Other than the calendar, how would I know? What's your favorite thing about spring?
Yes, spring has sprung here in my little corner of the world. Here in Chattanooga Tennessee, the temperatures are spring like, flowers, and lovely trees are blooming everywhere. My favorite things about spring-Easter, My wedding anniversary on April 6th, and my fur babie's birthday on April 6th.
2. Besides the weather, what's put a spring in your step recently? Alone time with my hubby.

3. How does Easter impact you? A sign of new life, new beginnings. Praise God.

4. I saw this somewhere on Facebook, and thought it would make a fun Hodgepodge question. Which of the following would you find most disappointing...
a just stuffed taco shell breaking open, and spilling out before you take the first bite? dropping a just-purchased Starbucks/Dunkin Donuts coffee? opening the peanut butter jar and finding it empty? upending onto the sidewalk a just-purchased ice cream cone? a burnt bagel popping up in your toaster when you're rushing breakfast? or cutting into an avocado and finding out it's rotten? Dropping a just purchased ice cream cone onto the sidewalk.

5. What's something held together with tape at your house? Or a paper clip? Or a wing, and a prayer? A lot of my journals.

6. Do you feel underappreciated? In what way? Sometimes, my husband makes me feel that way. Especially since my stroke, and heart surgery.

7. What's something you'd build if you knew how? A gazebo.

8. Insert your own random thought here. Be careful if you have a blog. My other blog got hacked, lost everything from all those years. Be careful.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blogs yesterday and today! Nice to meet you!

  2. I'd like to have a gazebo, too. I'm SO sorry about your other blog. That's awful.
    Have a blessed and happy Easter.
    Kathy (Reflections)

  3. Love the new blog...and you!

  4. Hi Sweet friend! I love your new wall design! So pretty and springy. I'm still praying you can get the help you need to get the old blog back. Love you! <3

  5. Happy Early Anniversary! Your blog design is so Springy and pretty. Happy Easter.

  6. But I don't understand ... your blog is still there, I can read your posts and seems like no one altered or added anything there.

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog and I am so sorry about your blog being hacked. I guess I didn't know that was possible. May your Easter be especially blessed!

  8. can we prevent this?

  9. Oh my, I am so sorry. Why would someone do that? ((Hugs)) My husband makes me feel unappreciated too.