Thursday, April 14, 2016

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. What's the last thing you did, that could be described as 'taxing'? Coming up with daily posts for the A-Z Challenge.

2. If you could plant a garden of anything, what would be in it? Tomatoes, Onions, Squash, Okra, Green Bell Peppers, and Corn.

3. April 10-16 is National Library Week...will you celebrate with a visit to your nearest library? When did you last make a trip to the library? What are you reading right now? What's one title, on your want-to-read list? I no longer visit my library, due to my fading vision.

4. Share a saying, or an old wives tale, you heard while growing up, you believed to be true, or that you paid attention to, 'just in case'? An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.

5. Are you a fan of onions? Garlic? Ginger? What's a dish you love that contains one, two, or all three items, listed? I love onions, like garlic. Drink ginger ale, when I have stomach problems. I use onion, and garlic, in my spaghetti sauce.

6.  Where does nurturing end, and indulging begin? What are some skills, or qualities, you think a person needs to possess, in order to be viewed as mature? Nurturing is comforting, indulging is giving into your desires.
  1. Realizing that maturity is an ongoing process, not a state, and continuously striving for self improvement.
  2. Able to manage personal jealousy, and feelings of envy.
  3. Has the ability to listen to, and evaluate the viewpoints of others.
  4. Maintains patience, and flexibility, on a daily basis.
  5. Accepts the fact that you can’t always win, and learns from mistakes, instead of whining about the outcome. 7. What leading figure in any field, would you like to hear speak, and why? The Pope, He is very caring, compassionate, and wise.

    8. Insert your own random thought here.

    1. 10 comments:

      1. I did get our taxes done, and waited long before I should. It was a good report - didn't owe as much.

      2. If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, we should try garlic. I like your answers to this quiz. Personally, whenever I try to grow plants I fail - tried tomatoes once and only managed to get six fruits.

        God bless.

      3. Very good answers on nurturing v. indulging. Your garden sounds very similar to mine. I like the Dolphins.

      4. Love the picture with the dolphins jumping and the scripture :)

      5. That was fun. I enjoyed the questions and answers!

      6. Fun and interesting. Thanks for coming over. Enjoy your Friday.

      7. Like what you would plant in your garden! Yummy

      8. I too believe an apple a day keeps the doctor away, so good for you.
        My husband and I will celebrate our wedding anniversary on the 16th, maybe we should have a date and go to the library.Ha! I didn't know it was National Library Week.I should use the library more, but I don't. I like my own books as I mark them up.

        Nice visiting with you, dear friend.
        How is your precious Coco? :-)
        I just love her!

        Bless you~~

      9. An apple a day....good one! Enjoyed your Hodgepodge!

      10. I forgot all about "An apple a day!" that's a good one.