Monday, May 9, 2016

Saturday 9-Mama 2015

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here. 1) Gamal Lewis got the nickname "LunchMoney" in 10th grade, because of his round cheeks, and because lunch was his favorite part of the school day. What do you recall about lunchtime, in the school cafeteria? Always being picked on.
2) His father and uncle, were members of the band Inner Circle. Their song, "Bad Boys" was the theme to the reality show Cops. What reality show have you seen recently? None

3) In this song, Mr. Lewis sings that his mama taught him how to put on pajamas. What did you wear to bed last night? A minions nightshirt
4) He claims he can't ever lie to his mama, because she'll hear it in his voice. Are you a convincing liar? No

5) LunchMoney sings that his mama made him chicken soup when he was sick. Do you eat soup all year around, only during winter months, or just when you're battling a cold? All year around.

6) The lyrics tell us that when her son was hungry, Mama reliably whipped something up. What's the last food you prepared? Hamburgers

7) He also sings, that his mama always made sure he had a few dollars in his pocket. Let's talk about you and money. Did you more recently lend or borrow it? Neither one.

8) Mother's Day is for grandmothers, too. Sam grew up calling her grandmother "Grandgran." Did you have a nickname for your grandmother? Granny
9) To celebrate Mother's Day, Sam is giving away her own mother's favorite candy: Hershey Bars. Would you prefer milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or milk chocolate with almonds? Milk Chocolate.


  1. I love all sorts of chocolate - but no nuts. Oh, I love the idea of a Minions nightshirt :) Have a great week!!

  2. What a fun Saturday 9 - and I'm glad to see that you were feeling well enough to play along! I felt really sad about your answer to number 1. I also got teased a lot in school, and it wasn't fun at all. I'm choosing to believe that God uses these early pains to make us kinder to other people.

    And yes, milk chocolate!!


  3. I usually went home for lunch in grammar school, but every other Thursday my mom went to Women's Missionary meeting so I took a bag lunch. There was a shelf over the paper towel dispenser, where if you could not eat all your lunch you placed your half sandwich or apple on the shelf. Then anyone who was hungry could take what they wanted. This was a kind way to feed those who had no lunch.

  4. That was fun:)
    I don't know if I've mentioned it before but your blog is beautiful, so feminine and whimsical.

  5. Lots of angels here to watch over you. This was an intersting post. A different way to learn something more about you.

  6. Hi, Neecie!
    I'm not a convincing liar either and I eat soup all year round too! Hoping you are feeling better, my dear friend. I've been praying.

  7. You sound like you might be feeling better from the stomach bug you had last week. I hope it's gone by now.

  8. This was fun! Hope you had a wonderful day! Hugs, Diane