Sunday, January 22, 2017

Things I Like

Happy Sunday everyone, pray you are all doing well, and enjoying your day. It is raining here in Chattanooga Tennessee. So, we are just having a lazy day, resting. Thought I would share some things that I like with you. I love for my apartment to smell really good, so I love candles, incense, wax melts, diffusers, plug ins, ect  Some of my favorite scents are rose, tropical, gardenia, honeysuckle. I also love potpurria, rose is my favorite scent in that. I love to drink cups of tea, yummy. Some of my favorite flavors are honey vanilla chamomile, lemon chamomile, lavender chamomile, and apple cinnamon. Very soothing and enjoyable. I enjoy flavored oatmeal, strawberry, and blueberry are my favorite. I love lotions, baby powder, perfumes, enjoy smelling nice. I love devotions, and journals. I love writing poems. I really love cooking, always have. Speaking of cooking, it is about time to start supper. Tonight, we are having cornbread, Salsbury steak, corn, cream potatoes, and sweet peas.


  1. What a beautiful list of likes! I like my essential oils in the air with my difuser. Peppermint is a favorite (good for headaches.) I am so happy to read that you are up and able to cook. I bet you are a great one! Love you.

  2. Nice post and great list. Hope you have a better week.

  3. Loved reading about things that you love. Your meal sounds yummy too. Big hugs for you!